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How to Operate a Lock Correctly

04/21/2015 Back To Blog

One of the most common causes of lock damage is improper operation. It often leads to key breakage as well. In such cases, the solution involves broken keyextraction and lock fix as well. At the same time, it is perfectly possible to avoid this kind of trouble. You just have to know how to lock and unlock doors correctly. Make sure that you follow the instructions below precisely.How to Operate a Lock Correctly

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Quick Check

It pays off to look at both the lock and the key briefly before you get to use them. This will take you just a few seconds.

Check the door lockset for damage - Look into the keyhole to confirm that it is not blocked. Watch out for any damage to the cylinder as well. Damaged and broken devices must not be used until proper lock repair is provided.

Look at the key from all sides - Check the blade for bending, chipping and dirt stuck into the grooves. Bent and chipped keys must not be used as they can cause serious damage to the cylinder. If there is stuck dirt, you should remove it with a piece of soft cloth and a little bit of alcohol. You should not use commercial cleaners as they can be corrosive. If you are inside the house, you should try cleaning the item with liquid detergent, water and a soft sponge.

Proper Key Usage

You should follow these steps every time when you use a door lock.

Confirm that you will be using the correct key - You must not insert another key or tool forcefully into the keyhole as this may cause serious damage to the door lock cylinder.

Insert the blade slowly and gently - If you feel that there is any obstruction, you must stop. If the weather is wet and cold, the lock may have got frozen. If you do not have de-icing product to apply, you can rub alcohol on both the lock and the key and lubricate them with graphite powder afterwards.

Turn the key by applying force only in forward direction - This will help to prevent breakage of the blade. If the lock is stuck, you have to lubricate it. You must not apply force on one side of the bow to turn the key.

Open the door using the handle - You must not operate the whole door with the use of the key while it is inside the keyhole. This is especially the case with UPVC door locks since these doors are quite heavy.

You have to ensure safe lock operation.

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